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    For over 45 years, Wilton Exterminating has been a trusted family-owned name in the Southeast US, keeping homes and businesses safe from unwanted critters. We're fully licensed, insured, and certified, putting your mind at ease with every visit. We're not just exterminators, we're your neighbors and fellow community members, dedicated to providing exceptional service at affordable prices. Whether you're facing an ant invasion, a termite threat, or just want to keep your lawn lush and green, Wilton Exterminating has you covered.

    Pest Control Service
    General Pest Control
    Tired of sharing your home with unwanted critters? Between scurrying cockroaches, buzzing mosquitos, and creepy crawlies in the pantry, pests can turn your haven into a haven of discomfort. But fear not, fellow homeowner! We're here to help you reclaim your peace of mind with effective, reliable pest control solutions.
    Termite Control Services
    Termite Control Services
    Termites are the silent destroyers, munching away at your home's foundation without you even knowing it. Don't wait for the telltale signs of damage - be proactive and protect your biggest investment with our comprehensive termite control services. We offer effective treatments, monitoring systems, and preventative measures to keep these tiny terrors at bay.
    Rodent Services
    Rodent Services
    Scampering sounds in the ceiling, droppings in the pantry, and chewed wires under the sink - nobody wants to share their home with rodents. These furry (or not so furry) invaders can cause damage, spread disease, and disrupt your peace. We offer humane and effective solutions to trap, remove, and prevent future rodent infestations.
    Bed Bug Treatment
    Bed Bug Treatment
    No one gets a good night's sleep with the thought of bed bugs lurking in the shadows. These tiny pests are notoriously difficult to eradicate, but don't lose hope! We have the specialized equipment and expertise to eliminate bed bugs and prevent them from returning, so you can finally sleep soundly again.
    Flea & Tick Biting Insects
    Flea & Tick Biting Insects
    Don't let fleas and ticks turn your furry friends (and your home) into a scratching frenzy! These blood-sucking pests can cause severe discomfort, transmit diseases, and even invade your home. We offer comprehensive flea and tick control solutions to protect your pets, your family, and your peace of mind.
    Lawn & Shrub Care
    Lawn & Shrub Care
    A healthy lawn isn't just about looks—it's about creating a thriving outdoor space that you can enjoy all season long. But achieving that perfect green carpet can be a challenge. That's where we come in! Our lawn care experts offer a full suite of services to help you.

    Where we make a difference

    No matter the size of your operation or the scale of the infestation, we're here to help you achieve your most important goals for your individualized commercial service plan.

    Wholesale and Retail Trade
    Wholesale and Retail Trade
    Building a Pest-Free Future, One Partnership at a Time.
    Accommodation and Food Service
    Accommodation and Food Service
    5-Star Sanitation, Pest-Free Peace of Mind: Safeguarding Guest Experiences.
    Information and CommunicationInformation and Communication
    Information and Communication
    Uninterrupted Networks, Unwavering Performance: Pest Control for Critical Connections.
    Business Services and FinanceBusiness Services and Finance
    Business Services and Finance
    Protecting Assets, Enhancing Value: Discreet Pest Control for Professional Environments.
    Public AdministrationPublic Administration
    Public Administration
    Safeguarding Communities, Promoting Well-being: Public Health through Effective Pest Control.


    Let's hear what some amazing people are saying from their perspective to yours. Uncover valuable insights. We're here to make your place a happy, pest-free zone, one satisfied customer at a time.
    • Very reliable company! Best I've ever seen. Professional, trustworthy and will tackle the issue. Correctly the first time around! Great staff! Always showed up on time, rep took time to.explain everything to help me understand whats at hand! Definitely would recommend to everyone! Try them first you will never change back. Also reasonable prices. Very satisfied customer. Thank you Wilton Exterminating.


      Orlando, FL
    • Their representative was extremely courteous and professional in providing the necessary corrective actions that are required to alleviate my pest control problems. I definitively will request there services in the future if needed.


      Orlando, FL
    • My company hired them for exterminating inspection and treatment and they were extremely pleasant associates to work with from scheduling to inspection. I would highly recommend them.


      Orlando, FL


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