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Lawn and Shrub Care

In the southeast United States we have the opportunity to have beautiful lush lawns year-round. Wilton Exterminating offers lawn and shrub care that includes pest elimination, lawn fertilization, and broad leaf weed control. These treatments are customized to the needs of each lawn. We take samples, analyze them and prescribe the treatment that best suits your lawn. Most lawns require six treatments per year; however, there are some special cases that require more attention. Our goal is to work with you to achieve the lawn you want. We provide our lawn and shrub care for both residential and commercial properties.


We protect your lawn from damaging insects such as cinch bugs, webworms, and others; also certain lawn diseases like brown patch fungus. We also provide fertilization and insect treatments for shrubs, palm trees, oak trees, fruit and citrus trees. At different times throughout the year we use different treatments.


Our service technicians are certified from the University of Florida, Florida Green Industries in Best Management Practices. Each service technician goes through hours of training each year to keep up-to-date with the latest treatments and research. The training ensures you are receiving the best service for your lawn and receive expert care for your lawn and care for the environment.


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