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Wilton Exterminating has specially-trained personnel that will take care of your bed bugs. Natural hitchhikers, bed bugs can tag along on you or your pets and travel into your home. Single story or small buildings are treated fully. Once bed bugs enter your structure, they permeate all areas. It is therefore necessary to treat the entire structure. In an average three bedroom, two bathroom house, you may have bed bugs in all three bedrooms, any sofa, and any dog or cat bed, the carpeting, behind picture frames, wallplates, and in cabinets. Needless to say treating for bed bugs is a war and with Wilton Exterminating we attack on all fronts, to win! Our treatment focuses on each sleeping area and provides treatment everywhere the bedbugs try to hide.


Control of bed bugs in multi-room or multi-family dwellings; hotels, apartments, places of worship, and office buildings is much more difficult than in single family homes because bed bugs frequently travel between units, either by direct transport by humans or through voids in the walls. There are additional costs and complexities associated with coordinating and encouraging participation from multiple residents or individuals that may occupy these rooms.


Our goal is to minimize the downtime of your facilities, while also diminishing and removing the infestation of bed bugs. Treatments in multi-story complexes; hotels, offices, or apartments are completed at the infestation site and in rooms surrounding the infestation to reduce costs.


Scheduling, organization, communication and preparation are key advantages to help remove bed bugs.


Advantages Of Wilton’s Bed Bug Management Treatment

  • No electricity is used

  • 15-30 Day warranty

  • No heat exposure to your valuables and electronics

  • Thorough treatment of a single family home can take 2-4 hours

  • Combination treatment is designed to attack on all bed bug fronts

 Disadvantages Of Heat Treatment For Bedbugs

  • Warranty (Re-infestations of bed bugs are not covered)

  • Electrical and devices, networking, equipment, and computers are exposed to heat for prolonged periods of time

  • Wallpapers, pictures, and belongings are exposed to high temperatures

  • Electricity Cost (Most other company will use YOUR electricity to run heaters)
  • Time (Setup can take anywhere from 6-8 hours, and temperatures need to reach 120°F or more for at least 60 minutes and everything must be heated to that temperature evenly!)


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