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Rodent Control

Rodents are on the move, they are constantly searching for food, water, and warmth. Your place might provide one or even all three of their needs. Once mice and rats move in, they do damage. Rodents make holes in walls, destroy foam insulation, chew through electrical wires and plumbing, and transport diseases. If you are sharing your home or business with rodents your health could be at risk.

Expert identification and assessment

  • Trained professionals can accurately identify the type of pest you're facing and assess the extent of the infestation.

Customized treatment plans

  • Based on the specific pest and the level of infestation, a customized treatment plan will be developed to target the problem effectively.

Safe and effective methods

  • Professionals approved methods to eliminate pests while minimizing risks to people, pets, and the environment.

Ongoing prevention and Support

  • Beyond eliminating existing pests, professionals can implement prevention strategies to help keep your property pest-free in the long run.

If you're experiencing pest problems, don't hesitate to contact us for a free inspection quote and a solution to your pest problems. Wilton Exterminating can provide the expertise and resources necessary to eliminate your pests.

Keep Calm and Critter-Free: Your Local Pest Protection

Don't let creepy crawlies and unwelcome guests bug you! We're Wilton Exterminating Service, Inc., your neighborhood pest control heroes, dedicated to making your home a haven of peace, pest-free. From the tiniest ant to the most unwelcome rodent, we tackle any critter challenge with safe, effective, and eco-friendly solutions. Breathe easy, sleep soundly, and reclaim your paradise - one pest-free corner at a time.

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