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Termite Control


Termites travel in the soil looking for their next food source (dinner), don’t let their next meal be your home! Every year termites cause over 1 billion dollars of damage to homes and structures. One termite queen can produce 30,000 eggs a day, which are almost 11 million wood hungry termites in a year. The average queen can live for fifteen years. That means in her life time, a queen can produce 165,000,000 termites. The damage from one colony can be devastating.


Correct identification is vital to knowing you may have a problem; give us a call for a free inspection and estimate. We look for wings, dirt, large numbers of live or dead insects and other signs. Our service technicians can identify problem areas and termites, and then create an action plan for a conventional prevention or pre-construction type of treatment. Wilton Exterminating’s skilled and trained service technicians can deliver dependable and affordable service plans for your home or business. Seeing even one termite wing means you have termites and they have been eating your home for at least a year.


If we do not find termites, Wilton Exterminating offers a termite preventive treatment; this treatment creates a barrier around the building, if the termites cross that barrier they will die.


We can eliminate the threat of expensive damage and repairs to your home. Each year on the anniversary of the treatment, we do a renewal inspection; this inspection ensures that the barrier is intact. The service technician then will advise you of any improvements that need attention to make your home less appetizing to termites.


Bundling saves you money and adds additional protection. When we treat your home for pest control, lawn service, or another service, our technicians are trained to be on the lookout for any problems.


If you suspect you may have a termite problem, call today for a free inspection!




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